Perimeter String Lights

Similar to Christmas lights but larger, our string lights are typically hung around the tent’s perimeter, adding light and charm to any party space.

Bistro Lights

European in feel, bistro strings are an instant classic under a Sperry Tent. Stretching from up high on our center poles down to the perimeter poles, they are eye-catching and yet subtle enough that they do not distract from or compete with tabletop décor.

Outdoor Bistros

Dancing under the stars is possible with an outdoor dance floor surrounded by bistro string lights. Bistros can be strung over patios, porches, and outside a tent entrance. Custom layouts are possible; please enquire.

Nautical Onion Lanterns

Two of these classic New England-style lanterns on each center pole, together with perimeter string lights, provide a soft, attractive ambience for any event.

Japanese Lanterns

Strung between our wooden center poles and the perimeter, white nylon lanterns provide an elegant, dreamy atmosphere. For a customized color scheme, provide your own lanterns and we’ll install.


Suspended from center poles by arched hangers, candelabra assure an elegant, sophisticated look with their turn-of-the-century charm.

Stage Lighting

Create a party atmosphere with specialized lighting for dance floors and band stages. This lighting system mounts on center poles and is programmable with your choice of color(s).

Flood Lighting

Primarily for utility use, flood lights are ideal for catering tents, community events, and festivals, and are particularly useful for informal occasions when brighter lighting is required.