Full Floor

A fully floored tent is the ultimate outdoor event space. We offer 4 x 8 ft. sections of finished walnut wood flooring, It can be laid flat on the ground (it creates a 4-inch step-up) to truly complete the outdoor space and avoid the pitfalls of grass and heels, or it can be used to level out a bumpy or sloped event site.

Dance Floors

A dance floor is all but mandatory for any outdoor wedding or party. We offer 4 x 4 ft. sections of New England plank dance floor with brushed nickel edging. It is installed directly on the ground (it creates a 1.5-inch step-up) with minimal leveling. Dance floors requiring substantial leveling would be constructed from the 4 x 8 sections used for fully flooring a tent.

Band Staging

Our 4 x 4 ft. custom stage panels are installed on a 10-inch-high frame to raise the band above the party.

Leveled Flooring

For an event site requiring more than 1 ft. of leveling, we offer an engineered flooring system that raises up the floor 10 or even 20 ft., turning a sloping lawn into a perfectly level wood floor.