Let’s face it: when it comes time to organize your company’s next event, the pressure to impress without overspending is high. This time around, improve attendance and generate more buzz by choosing a Sperry Tent, and get the rave reviews you are looking for.

Sperry Tents New Jersey has worked with a variety of companies throughout New Jersey and Pennsylvania to execute flawless outdoor events. We’ve done it all: corporate parties, picnics, meetings, product launch parties, guest speaker events, and more.

We can provide a wide range of tent sizes [link to tent page], from modest 24-, 32- or 46-foot rounds to large squares and ovals, such as the 46’ x 125’, 66’ x 66’, or even the biggest Sperry Tent available, the 66’ x 126’. Installs range from just one tent to large groupings of tents with full floors, fans, heaters, and more.