A 2006 last-minute road trip to Nantucket placed Eric Larkin and Tim Daugherty in front of their first-ever Sperry Tent. The sweeping peaks, waving pennants, and varnished wooden support poles were creating a traffic jam on the local road. Everyone wanted to take a closer look, and so did they. The tent was perfect, but not yet available in the New Jersey/Pennsylvania area. This gave Tim and Eric an idea. And the rest, as they say, is history…

Creatively designed by accomplished sailmaker and Sperry Tents founder Steve Sperry, these tents are set apart from the ordinary. Sperry Tents are built with stylish nautical flair, including hand-sewn panels of waterproof sailcloth, stainless steel grommets, and tent lines with rigging cleats. The wooden support poles are reminiscent of a ship’s mast and are hand cut at the Sperry sawmill.

Tim and Eric graduated from Rutgers College in 2003 with bachelor’s degrees in economics. They both enjoyed their short time in the corporate world, but knew they were better suited for entrepreneurial pursuits. Both agree that working with the Sperry family has been nothing but a pleasure.

Eric married Meg in July 2009, and Tim married Alexis in October 2010.

They look forward to providing more clients with beautiful Sperry Tents to help inspire their unforgettable events.