There’s nothing quite like a community fundraiser, auction, concert, or festival in the great outdoors, taking advantage of the weather, the landscape, and the joys of the season. Who wants to be trapped indoors on a fair day or pleasant evening?

The value that Sperry Tents New Jersey brings to any outdoor event is experience and dedication to ensuring seamless and flawless setups. We will work closely with you from the early planning and budgeting stages all the way through to setup and takedown. Our crews are always professional, always courteous, and our experienced office staff is consistently available for pressing needs and questions. Optional onsite event coverage by a crew member is always possible for additional piece of mind.

We provide not only a variety of tent sizes with sides but also creative tent lighting, full flooring, dance floors, band stages, and covered walkways. Also, our rental arsenal includes generators for power needs as well as heaters and fans for temperature extremes.